Ivo Ivanov is the Founder of Glitchmachines. Ivo is a seasoned sound designer and electronic musician with over 20 years of experience. He has worked with a broad range of creative audio companies including Native Instruments, Ableton, SoundMorph, Twisted Tools, Tiptop Audio, K-Devices, Soundsnap, Plugin Boutique, Samplephonics and Inear Display. Ivo was drawn to computer technology in the 1980s, which inspired his life-long passion for electronic music production, audio engineering and sound design.


Thomas Hennebert works closely with us to help develop our software plugin products. He originally established himself with plugin releases such as the critically acclaimed Eurydice, Bucephal, Gorgon, Danaides and Bow Echo. He continues to release an impressive lineup of boutique creative processing software under his own brand name, Inear Display. His recent projects have received high accolades and include forward-thinking plugins such as Amalgame, Regressif, Ephemere and Litote to name just a few.


Josh Eustis is a seasoned electronic musician, singer-songwriter and record producer, best known for his projects Telefon Tel Aviv, Second Woman and Sons of Magdalene. He also toured with Nine Inch Nails and has collaborated heavily over the years with acts like Tropic of Cancer, The Black Queen and Maynard James Keenan's solo project Puscifer.


Amon Tobin is an accomplished composer and music producer who is considered to be one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world. He is often described as a virtuoso sound designer and is noted for his unusual methodology in sound design and music production. He has released seven major studio albums under the Ninja Tune record label.


Venetian Snares is the main alias of prolific Canadian electronic musician Aaron Funk. He is known for making high octane electronic music, often written in odd time signatures. Dating back to 1998, Aaron's discography is vast, with releases across multiple labels including History of the Future, Addict, Zod, Distort, Sublight, Low-Res, Planet Mu and Hymen.


Richard Devine is one of the most prolific sound designers in the Industry. He is also an accomplished artist with releases on numerous esteemed labels including Warp, Schematic and Detund. He continues to innovate as a sound designer with a body of work so vast in scope that it can't be exemplified by merely pointing out a few projects.


Two Fingers is Amon Tobin and Joe Chapman. From a love of hip-hop music and a deep appreciation of its spirit, they crafted a unique sound combining the twisting sonics of drum & bass and shocks from grime with meticulous sound design. Two Fingers have recorded for Ninja Tune, Big Dada, Paperbag Records and Noisia's Division, and their music appears in various movies, TV shows and video games.


The Glitch Mob is a LA-based trio comprising Justin Boreta, Ed Ma and Joshua Mayer. Selling out major venues from coast to coast, The Glitch Mob has become a festival favorite, rocking crowds from Lollapalooza to Red Rocks to Coachella and Ultra with their visceral, innovative performances making them one of the most beloved live electronic acts and distinctive recording artists working today.


There's a ghost in the shell - the music of cyber activists in the Google age! Following the dissolution of ATR in 1999 a reunion seemed unlikely as Alec Empire and Nic Endo worked on successful solo projects. However, after a ten year break ATR reformed and previously untapped potential came to the fore. 2015 sees the release of their fifth album, Reset, a call to arms for a new generation.


Datach’i is Joseph Fraioli, a Brooklyn based electronic musician and sound designer who has pushed the limits of audio dating back to his 1999 debut album 10110101. In addition to his work as Datach’i, you have undoubtedly heard his footsteps, slapping, burping and burning sounds, as sound designer for many movies and commercials. He is also a founding member of Big Noble, with Daniel Kessler of Interpol.


Only two words are necessary to summarize the creative works of Florian Harres: pioneering and progressive. Florian Harres, aka Phace, aka Neosignal, is an electronic music producer, DJ and label owner from Hamburg, Germany. Over the past decade he not only defined his very own style of cutting-edge electronic music but also toured across the globe, building a large and faithful following.


Hyper-experimental Drum 'n' Bass futurist Billain is one of today's most cutting edge electronic artists. His ultra intense tracks have been released on labels such as Breed, Syndrome Audio, Citrus and Rise Audio, Eatbrain and Bad Taste Recordings, to name just a few. Billain continues to push the limits of Neurofunk with his innovative sound design, complex rhythms and incredibly high production standards.


Jason is the Co-Founder and Lead Sound Designer of SoundMorph. He has a strong background in sound design for film and television and has worked extensively in game audio as a Senior Sound Designer. Jason has been an integral part of sound teams at Electronic Arts working on such titles as the award-winning Mass Effect 2.


John Black is the founder of CypherAudio, a creative sound design and music studio. CypherAudio has collaborated with award-winning design studios, artists and directors to create work for clients like Google, Nike and IBM. His work is varied in scope and direction, and exists on the edge between sound design and music, art and commerce.


Rod Abernethy is an acclaimed composer known for his cutting-edge approach to music composition for video games, television and film. His work spans a vast range of styles, as heard in his award winning scores for EA, Midway, Vivendi/Universal, Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Disney/THQ, Activision, Konami, Sony, Namco and Nintendo.


Working under the name Sonic Mayhem, Sascha's unique blend of cutting-edge electronics and cinematic score compositions has driven some of the most successful game franchises of the last fifteen years. His distinctive contributions to titles such as Quake, Mass Effect, Tron and Borderlands have won him both critical acclaim and industry accolades.


Frederic Devanlay is the CEO of Big wheels studio and Co-founder of Red libraries. Born in Paris, Frederic has been a musician and sound designer for over 20 years. His work can be heard in blockbuster games including Splinter Cell, Remember Me, Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Ghost Recon. Frederic is also a member of the SoundMorph sound design team.


Alex Retsis is an accomplished musician, label owner and all around force to be reckoned with. His music can be heard in the form of Qebo and Videogame Orchestra [VGO] and he has released music on labels like Detund, Basic Channel, Modular Expansion and many others. He is also a sound designer for Native Instruments, Twisted Tools, Tonsturm and SoundMorph and runs the label Anthropos-Mekhane.


Daed's music is characterized by creative sound design, intricate edits, thick atmospheres and playful melodies. His focus is on the creation of abstract, other-worldly sounds as exemplified by his work with Glitchmachines and Inear Display. As an artist, he is firmly establishing himself with releases on Mozyk, Aleph9, Illphabetik and 141414.


Woulg is Greg Debicki, a composer, sound designer and new media artist based in Montreal. He has performed his intense, intricate and highly emotive work at venues like MUTEK in Barclona, Montreal and Colombia, the British Film Institute in London, Mapping Festival in Geneva, Berklee’s Masters campus in Valencia to name just a few.


Prolific Bulgarian-native electronic musician Ivan Shopov is best known for his music projects Cooh, Balkansky and Drum Kid. With over 100 releases under his belt, Ivan has established himself as a driving force behind today's cutting edge electronic sounds, with a focus on Drum & Bass and other hard-hitting electronic sub-genres.


Surachai is a freelance sound designer, audio engineer and location sound engineer that works for some of the top advertising agencies in the world. His active musical output has seen the release of over ten albums in five years. He runs TRASH_AUDIO, a collective comprised of some of the most prolific audio artists in the industry.


Kero (Sohail Azad) has established himself as a leader within the growing pack of producers successfully infiltrating contemporary art circles worldwide. He has over 30 releases on some of electronic music’s most innovative labels including Bpitch, Ghostly International, Shitkatapult, and his own label Detroit Underground Records.


Bedroom Research label owner Matt "Subjex" Debliqui has releases on labels like Schematic and Planet Mu, and remixed Jean Jacques Perrey, Richard Devine and Death Grips among others. He is a mastering engineer and trans-humanist sound designer in search of secret patterns of the universe within a complex realtime audio processing network.


Blush Response is Joey Blush, New York based producer and sound designer. Joey is well known for his modular synth-heavy approach to sonic mayhem and deconstruction. He has forged his sound both with several solo releases as Blush Response, and sound design and remix work for the likes of Fear Factory, Cristian Castro and Scar the Martyr.


Ralp is Barcelona native, Raül Peix. Raül is a DIY and technology enthusiast with an extremely impressive portfolio of work. Ralp is currently working as part of a design, motion graphics and sound design studio called Device, co-directing an 8 Bit and Circuit Bending Net Label called Lowtoy, and running an 8 Bit audiovisual collective called Distortled Box.


Hailing from Kepler22B, situated approximately 620 light years from the Solar System in the Constellation of the Swan, Qebrus is not only an enigma, but also one of the most mysterious musicians of recent times. To retain total anonymity, he refuses to inform anybody of his coordinates, yet he regularly deploys groundbreaking experimental electronic music artifacts via his telepathic and terrestrial channels.


Nicholas Yochum is a Sound Designer and Graphic Designer with Glitchmachines. Aside from working closely with Glitchmachines, Nicholas has applied his unique brand of abstract and futuristic sound design in projects with a growing list of creative audio companies such as Inear Display, Twisted Tools, Zenhiser, SoundMorph and Sound Guru.


London based Glitch Hop artist Valance Drakes has released work with an impressive list of electronic labels including Bedroom Research, Schematic, Daly City, Alkalinear, and Detroit Underground. He has a substantial body of work spanning across more than a decade, of which a recent highlight is his remix for Richard Devine's Oxin2lin.


Shiro Fujioka is a modular synth composer and sound designer that writes music in a broad variety of genres. Shiro also uses a combo of 17th century Himalayan singing bowls and his modular synth for sound healing and meditation sessions. He performs and records live analog modular synth compositions under the name VoltageCtrlr.