Subvert 2

Decimation Effects



Subvert is a modular multi-effects processor designed to decimate the frequency spectrum.

Version 2 has been redesigned from the ground up, implementing a broad range of new features such as a modular patching system, new LFOs with 15 wave shapes, new dynamics modules, revised effects algorithms, new noise generator, new feedback path, new macros, an improved preset system with 100 new factory presets and a fully redesigned scalable user Interface.

Based around Multimode Distortion, FM Ring Mod, Digitizer, Metalizer, Multimode Filter and Dynamics effects, Subvert allows you to freely explore its flexible routing facilities thanks to its Mixers, Envelope Followers, LFOs, and Macro controllers. We’ve included an assortment of 100 factory presets, showcasing the various facets of this diverse effects processor.



  • New Modular Patching System
  • New Dynamics Modules
  • New LFOs with 15 Wave Shapes
  • New Macro Controllers
  • New Scalable User Interface
  • 100 Factory Preset Patches
  • Win/Mac  VST3/AU  64bit

Complex modulation gives motion to Subvert’s core. Key parameters can be modulated using envelope followers, LFOs, mod mixers and macros. Mod mixers are dedicated to convolving modulation signals, making it possible to create complex modulation shapes at their output. Subvert 2 also features new LFOs with 15 wave shapes, as well as new macros that provide additional control over your patch.  

Subvert 2 features new Dynamics modules with gate and compressor modes, giving you greater control over your effects patches. Four Audio Mixers make it possible to combine and blend signals, while the addition of a noise generator and output feedback path facilitate new creative possibilities. These new features are accompanied by a revised preset system with the ability to store banks.



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  • VST3/AU host: Live, Logic Pro, etc.
  • Mac OS X 10.15+
  • Windows 11
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM
  • Minimum CPU: Intel i5 or equivalent


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