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We currently accept Visa, Mastercard and PayPal via PayPal Pro. You do not need to register for a PayPal account to make a purchase.

Product Downloads


While attempting to log into the Customer Portal, ensure that you are not logged into any accounts other than the address associated with your license. Any cache data associated with other email accounts during the current browser session may prompt the DPD system to deny access.  It’s best to clear your browser cache (history) and re-load your browser in a fresh session before accessing the Customer Portal.

Upon completing a purchase, customers are automatically sent the appropriate purchase confirmation and download links via email. If you wish to download or view your purchases, you may log in to our Customer Portal any time by clicking the button above. All purchases remain active for up to 10 download attempts. Once this limit is exceeded, customers may contact us via email to request manual re-activation of relevant purchases. Please note that we can not grant you access to separate components of a product, such as only the installers, samples, presets, etc.


All point updates within a product version (i.e. 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, etc.) are free of charge for all registered users unless expressly specified by Glitchmachines, LLC. Such updates, along with any relevant information, will automatically be communicated to registered users via email. Major version updates (i.e. 1.x to 2.x, etc.) will be paid and all relevant pricing and information will be communicated to registered users of existing versions via email. To confirm the most current version of a product, please navigate to the respective product page where this information is prominently displayed. You may also find this information in the relevant User Guide, which you can download via the respective product page or find within the DOCS folder of the product package. The version of the plugin installed on your system is also displayed on the user interface or in the configuration menu of the respective plugin.

Bundle Upgrades

Bundle upgrade paths are unavailable at this time due to limitations imposed by our merchant service. Bundles will include all relevant paid products that are available at the time of purchase. Any subsequently released products in a relevant bundle category will need to be purchased separately at their standard price. It is currently not possible to upgrade to a product bundle from any individual product purchases.

Product Demos

We do not offer demo versions of our plugin products but plan to in the future.


All Plugin and Sample Pack purchases are non-refundable. Once you download any of our products, they may no longer be returned. We reserve the right to use our discretion in extreme cases where a refund may be necessary, however this would only apply to unusual circumstances that will be assessed on a case by case basis. In the unlikely event of a refund, the funds will automatically be issued back to the same form of payment used at the time of purchase.

Educational Discounts

Glitchmachines, LLC is pleased to offer an Academic Discount of 35% off retail price. This discount is available to all current students and teachers either enrolled in or teaching at a media-related school or program. This discount does not apply to our already heavily-discounted Bundles and can not be combined with any other coupons or offers. To request an academic discount, simply contact us via email and send us a current academic ID card or other proof of eligibility confirming your academic status.

Industry Discounts

We currently do not offer special artist or industry discounts. If you wish to purchase our products at a discounted price, the best option is to take a look at our heavily discounted bundles. We also run sale events which occur three or four times per year. These events do not occur at set dates so be sure to join our mailing list and/or keep an eye on our social media pages to learn when a sale is scheduled.

License Transfers

Subject to our written approval, product licenses purchased directly from our website may be sold/transferred to another user.  The new user will then fully own the license to the respective product without any relevant restrictions, however, they will not be able to re-sell/transfer that same license again. To request a license transfer, simply contact us via email along with the original transaction number and product you would like to transfer. You also need to supply us with the first and last name and email address of the new owner. Once a transfer is complete, the previous owner is expected to fully delete the software and any associated sound recordings from their machines. License transfers may take up to 72 hours to complete. We can not authorize or execute license transfers for purchases made through any of our distributors. Purchases made anywhere other than our website will be subject to the policies of the respective distributor.

Evaluation Copies

We offer NFR evaluation copies of our products for professional review purposes only. Please contact our sales team via email to request an evaluation copy of a product, along with any relevant details such as your credentials and the specifics of the context within which the product in question will be reviewed.


Your data is never entered directly onto our server. All customer information is encrypted and securely stored off-site by our merchant service (DPD), PayPal and/or MailChimp. On occasion, we may send you relevant news, however, we never share your data with third-party entities or exploit your information for marketing purposes. You may opt to unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time but be aware that we will still retain your name and email address in our DPD database in order to administer your transactions as needed. While unsubscribing from our mailing list will prevent you from getting any further newsletters, we may still send you automatic update notifications via DPD, relevant to any free or paid products you have downloaded from us.


We aim to keep our pricing extremely competitive, however, we reserve the right to change our pricing structure as necessary without notice.


We aim to keep our terms and policies transparent and consistent, however, we reserve the right to change these as necessary without notice.

For sales support, you may contact us at:

Tech Support

Learning Resources

Due to the unconventional nature of our tools, we advise users to take advantage of the learning resources we provide with our products. In-depth tutorial videos are available for our plugins and we supply detailed user guides inside every product’s respective DOCS folder. Our user guides are also posted in the LEARN section of every product’s web page, allowing prospective users to research our products extensively, prior to making a purchase.

Users whom are having practical issues with our plugins (i.e. not understanding how something works) are asked to read the documentation and/or watch the respective videos prior to contacting technical support:


Our software products include installers for both Mac OS and Windows operating systems. The respective installers are available in a sub-folder within the main product folder architecture, labeled either Mac or Win. With all other audio applications closed, simply run the installer appropriate to your system and follow the standard prompts until the installation is completed. Once installation is complete, you may launch your host of choice (such as Ableton Live, Logic, etc.) from wherein you can instantiate the respective software plugin. For detailed information relevant to specific software products, navigate to the SETUP section of the associated User Guide.

Mac Users: As of April 2020, all of our plugins/installers are compatible with Catalina. After running our installers, a system restart may be necessary before our plugins show up inside your DAW. If the Mac Preset Installers fail on your system, please follow these instructions.

Windows Users: take care to ensure that you’ve chosen the proper options during the installation dialog, where you’ll be prompted to choose the destination folders for the 32bit and 64bit versions of the plugin. In the event that the plugin does not appear in your DAW, it’s highly likely that you put both versions in the same folder in which case one of the files will overwrite the other. To remedy this, run the installer again and carefully select the appropriate option for the architecture relevant to your system.

Copy Protection

Software licenses are granted and activated per the DPD merchant system and tied to the device associated with the purchase.  Every user is granted a maximum of three device activations per license.  If you exceed this limit, please contact our Support Team and they can assist you. We reserve the right to implement different methods of copy protection in the future as necessitated by potential product re-designs or changes in our merchant services, online store or company website. Should such changes become necessary, we will contact all registered users via email with any relevant details and/or instructions.

Factory Presets

Users of our sampler plugins Polygon, Cataract and Palindrome will be prompted to point to the associated samples upon first launch of the respective plugin.  If something goes wrong during this process – i.e. the user points to the wrong folder – then the presets will not load correctly.  In this event, you will see a “could not load sample” error message inside the respective sampler displays.  This can easily be fixed by navigating to the respective Config Menu (the Config Menu of each plugin is typically in the lower footer section and labeled either with a gear icon or M).  From the Config Menu, you will find an option such as “change polygon path”.  Selecting this option will pull up a dialog from which you can point to the correct folder (see SETUP section in user guide for details). Once this has been done, the factory samples will be correctly linked to the plugin and the factory presets should then load as expected.

NOTE: the sample linking procedure for Palindrome is simplified and differs slightly from Cataract and Polygon.  We will implement this improved method for all of our plugins in forthcoming updates. Meanwhile, please refer to the relevant user guide’s SETUP section for specific instructions.

Plugin Formats

We support Mac OS and Windows operating systems and offer 32bit and 64bit versions of our software in the industry standard Audio Unit and VST formats. At this time we do not plan to support the proprietary AAX plugin format. Pro Tools users whom wish to attempt to run our plugins via VST Wrappers or similar software must do so at their own risk. We have not tested our software on such platforms nor can we confirm compatibility/stability.

System Requirements

All relevant system requirements are prominently displayed in the lower half of each plugin’s product page on our website as well as in the appropriate section of the associated user guide. A host application such as a DAW capable of running VST and/or Audio Unit plugins is needed in order to run our software. Please be sure to verify compatibility prior to making a purchase.

Audio File Format

We supply our audio files in the industry standard 24bit 96kHz .WAV file format unless stated otherwise. Should you wish to work in another sample rate or bit detph, you may use a third party application such as Audacity or Twisted Wave to batch-process the files to the desired format.

Backwards Compatibility

Significant structural changes in the code of our plugins may force us to break compatibility at any point during a future update. Failing to properly render and/or back up your relevant DAW sessions PRIOR to updating may cause issues such as the sessions and respective presets not loading properly.

While we will be sure to clearly communicate any such cases to customers via a prominently displayed notice accompanying any supplied update links, it is ultimately the user’s responsibility to properly back up all project sessions where our plugins may be in use, prior to installing any updates.

User Content

While you are free to share user content such as presets, demo videos or audio demos, we do not officially endorse such content. You may not use our official company branding in such content and it is expected that you do not distribute such materials under the pretense that they are officially sanctioned and/or endorsed by Glitchmachines, LLC. You may under no circumstances distribute such content commercially unless expressly authorized by Glitchmachines, LLC in writing. For details on this subject, refer to our EULA located in the Legal section of our website or contact us directly via email.

Feature Requests

You may reach out to our support team via email if you feel you have a relevant request that can significantly improve the functionality of our products. However, please be advised that this does not in any way obligate us to fulfill your request, nor does it imply any sort of collaborative credits and/or legal ownership on your part, of any relevant features, functions or products. We ask that you refrain from contacting us with your product ideas due to various legal obstacles. We can under no circumstances engage with you in any discussion relevant to product development unless all parameters have first been determined and agreed upon in writing per legal contract.

For technical support, you may contact us at:


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